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  • Ay-49 Video Vlogger Kits Microphone Led Fill Light Mini Tripod For Phone Vlog Video

    • 100% Brand new & high quality product.
    • Lamp bead voltage: 2.9V-3.0V.
    • Lumens: 22-24LM.
    • Color temperature: 6500-7000K.
    • Power: 0.2W.
    • Maximum power: 2W.
    • Number of lamp beads: LED 36 lights.
    • Package Include:
    • 1* Foldable Tripod Stand
    • 1* Cold Shoe Phone Clamp
    • 1* Led Video Light (Need 2pcs AA baterry, not included)
    • 1* Microphone
    • 1* USB cable
    • 1* Remote Control
    • About this item:
    • COMPLETE SMARTPHONE VIDEO KIT: With Shotgun Microphone, ultra bright LED 36 light, and adjustable tabletop tripod for recording videos, podcasts and more.
    • HIGH QUALITY AUDIO: Shotgun microphone delivers clear, crisp, directional audio.
    • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH REMOTE CONTROL: Remotely trigger your Phone or carmera to start/stop videos and take selfies. (The maximum distance is about 30ft)
    • ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES: Adjustable desk top tripod with phone mount, rechargeable LED with 3 brightness levels, rail mount bracket to accommodate any cold shoe or 1/4” thread accessories, and 3.5mm TRRS and lightning cables.
    • EASY SET UP: Microphone and accessories are designed for easy use and quick set up. Perfect for vloggers, podcasts, Live streaming, youtube and more.
    • Youtube Equipment Blogger Kit:
    • Vlogging Kit With Microphone And Light:
    • Video Recording Kit with light and microphone is perfect for filming, Youtube videos, phone streaming, personal phone videos, live music and outdoor events. LED video light is universal and lightweight with LED36 light and 2000mAh Li-battery, can adjust the brightness to fit your needs. Professionally designed anti-interference microphone is perfect for enhancing the audio from any integrated recording device. Moreover, with mini tripod and smartphone or camera, your shooting would absolutely be more convenient and stable.
    • High quality ABS & 49PCS Lamp Bead.
    • Power Supply: 2pcs AA batteries. (Not included)
    • Tripod Fold Length: 13cm / 5.12in.
    • Phone Clamping: With Cold shot mount.
    • Adjustment Range: 6.5-10cm / 2.56-3.94in.
    • Remote Shutter Power Supply: Button cell CR2032 3V/210mAh (Included)
    • Shotgun Microphone: This product is designed for professional occasions such as karaoke, photography, interview, live, broadcast, and simultaneous video recording. Built-in professional high-performance Super-cardioid Electrets Condenser microphone wide frequency response and high-definition sound resolution.
    • Durable Mini Tripod With good stability: The lightweight mini tripod is perfect for most cameras with 1/4 screw port. You can adjust the mini ball head 360°as needed, meet any angle of shooting.
    • Adjustable LED Video Light: The LED Video Light is universal and lightweight with LED36 light and 2000mAh Li-battery. Can adjust brightness and color temperature,to get your perfect skin tones and match your environment.
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  • Digital Instant Hot Water Tap For (Basin)


    শীতের সময়, ঠান্ডা পানির সমস্যা ? এসে গেছে ইনস্ট্যান্ট ওয়াটার হিটার ট্যাপ।

    কোন গিজার, গ্যাসের চুলা, ২০ মিনিট ধরে গরম পানি করার ঝামেলা এড়াতে ব্যবহার করুন ইন্সট্যান্ট ওয়াটার হিটার ট্যাপ।
    এটি আপনারা বেসিন, বাথরুম, সিঙ্ক এ লাগাতে পারেন। সাধারন ভাবে যেই ট্যাপ গুলো ব্যবহার করেন ঠিক সেখানেই সেট করতে হবে।এবং সাধারন ভাবেই ব্যবহার করতে পারবেন।
    এটি সেট করা খুবই সহজ, যেকোনো সিনেটার মিস্ত্রি দ্বারা লাগাতে হবে।
    বিদ্যুৎ খরচ খুবই কম।
    উন্নত টেকনোলজি ব্যবহার করা হয়েছে যার কারনে ১০০% নিরাপদ।
    এই ট্যাপে ২ টি সুইচ আছে, যাতে সহজেই আপনারা গরম পানি এবং নরমাল পানি পাবেন।
    এই ট্যাপে ২ টি সুইচ আছে, যাতে সহজেই আপনারা গরম পানি এবং নরমাল পানি পাবেন।

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  • Mosquito Coil Holder,Iron Hollow Mosquito Coils Box,Mosquito Coil Rack Plate with Cover and Handle for Home,Outdoor

    • Hight Quality Material – Be make of iron, so you can use it safely,The surface is treated with sprayed, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, durable.
    • High Safety Factor-Allows coils to be burned in a safe, decorative covered dish,can effectively prevent flammable items such as clothing from falling onto the lit mosquito coil.
    • Easy to Use-Just hang the mosquito coil in the middle of the small bracket, the portable design can be easily hung and carried outside.
    • Unique Design-Using bird cage shape physical design, makes it unique and attractive.unique and beautiful, is a elegant home decoration.
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  • Race Digital Hot Water Tap With Hand Shower (Wall & Besin) Brand: Race

    Race Digital Hot Water Tap With Hand Shower (Wall & Besin) Brand: Race

    • Digital Instant Electric Hot Water Tap, Kitchen (Basin) Bathroom (WALL).
    • Main Material: Refined Copper + ABS engineering plastics.
    • Heating Tube: high-purity stainless steel copper liner heating element.
    • Rated Voltage: 220V/50HZ.
    • Rated Power: 3000W.
    • Water temperature can be adjusted at will (30~60°C).
    • Rotation: 360° Rotatable.
    • 2 seconds quick heat.
    • Hot and cold dual-use. The temperature display screen
    • Convenient, simple, and easy to install, It can be used in the kitchen, toilet, etc.
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  • Shoe Rack Cabinet Tower Shoe Storage (Pink)



    • Size:60*28*70cm
    • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from water-proof durable fabric shelving, steel tubes and strong plastics connectors for remarkable reliability and durability, can perfectly satisfy you in daily organization.
    • NONWOVEN FABRIC: Made with recyclable non-woven fabric, which is soft, breathable and non-irritating, friendly to environment and users.
    • QUICK & EASY SETUP: Comes with installation instructions, very simple structure, parts are easy to classify, easy assembly and modification without tools.
    • STRONG STORAGE CABINET: Provides generous storage space to neatly arrange clothes, toys, shoes and more, will suit your storage needs in various settings. It?ˉs a good storage helper for your whole family, add fun and functionality to your cube organizer!
    • FASHIONABLE AND CONVENIENT DESIGN: Easy to clean, dirt, proof and waterproof, Perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter, adds handsome aesthetic value to any room
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